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Pros and cons of living in the city/country

Korzyści i niekorzyści życia na wsi/małym mieście.

Living in the city has both advantages and disadvantages but in my opinion it is more comfortable and exciting than life in the country or a small town.

First of all, cities offer better education and it is easier to find a good, interesting and well - paid job. There are more opportunities to succeed in life. Moreover, there is a good selection of cinemas, theatres, galleries or restaurants where people may spend their leisure time. There is always something interesting to see or do and it is just impossible to be bored. The services in a big city are always better. There are a lot of good shops and department stores where shopping can be done quickly and easily.

Besides, there are many sports facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts or gym halls where people can practice their favourite sports.

However, living in the big city has also some disadvantages. Most city - dwellers are forced to live in blocks of flats where they are quite anonymous. It often happens that they do not even know their neighbours and in an emergency they cannot count on their help. Many of them feel lonely as it is rather difficult to strike up a friendship in a big city. Young people are in a better situation, because they go to clubs, discos and they have more opportunities to meet someone.

Another big problem is heavy traffic. Fumes emitted directly into the atmosphere pollute the air so heavily that many city - dwellers suffer from serious medical disorders. Besides, the noise never stops and there are numerous car accidents almost every day. Furthermore, it is very difficult to find a parking place, especially in the centre.

In addition to all this, the crime rate in most cities is very high. Some people never go out in the evening because they are afraid of being robbed or abused. They also dread leaving their flat as there are frequent burglaries in big cities nowadays.

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