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Advantages and disadvantages of being married.

In our society marriage is the structure which people use to create a stable family unit. Due to the fact that marriage is so strongly tied to family, because it is such an enormous step and because the cost of entry and exit is so high, adults put a lot of emphasis on it. So does the community. Marriage itself is easy. Two people can get married any time they wish. However the challenge of marriage is making it work for a lifetime. So I shall briefly discuss some virtues and drawbacks considering this issue.

On the one hand, marriage means that almost everything is shared. Sharing means that every major decision involves a team decision. If both parties do not agree, then conflict arises. Most people enjoy having a certain amount of freedom in their lives. As a result, if two people have different spending habits , it can cause immense strain.

A further disadvantage is that marriage involves being with the same person for long periods of time. While the couple is still \"in love,\" this is easy. Once romantic love effects wear off and the relationship might driven more by friendship than sexual attraction, however, little habits can become irritating. Countering this natural effect requires patience as well as creativity.

Aparat from this, when people get married they are committing to their chosen spouse for the rest of their life. They are making that commitment, generally, in order to start a family. This means restricted freedom with being aware of the fact that there would be neither loads of dates nor one-night adventures.

On the other hand, it is worth striving for marriage on the grounds that solitude would not inconvenience anybody anymore. It is incredibly reassuring to be conscious of that there is a person who loves you and only you no matter what. That sort of commitment can give you a tremendous comfort and confidence.

What is more, being married may be connected with lower cost of living, financial strenght. A married couple tends to have either more free time or more money for this reason the cost and work of a household are shared by two. It helps to create a more equitable distribution of family responsibilities between the genders.

One other advantage is that warm, firm and fair parenting helps to promote healthy, emotional development and to foster emotional vigor in children. On average, children grown up in married parent families are less vulnerable to serious emotional illness, depression and suicide than children in broken families.

For the above mention reasons, marriage is a personal decision that we must decide on our own. As some people have said, marriage is a risk we take. However if we make that decision with the person that we would love to spend our life with, then it was right at that moment in time. I will express my opinion in favour of being married seeing that no one can really forecast how the marriage will be for the years to come. If the two people in the marriage are determined to cope with adversities, they can always last through the good and bad times.

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