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Generation gap

The problem of the generations gap ia as old as the hills and it appears in every family. Very often it is connected with the failure or inability of the younger and older generations to communicate or understand each other. There are a few reasons of generation gap.

Psychologists say that most young people experience conflict during the period of adolescence. They are neither children nor adults and they are desperately searching for self - identity. As they are growing up, they develop different values from those held by their parents. They hate the ordered adult world because it symbolizes the skin they hope to shed.

Conflicts arise because young people feel that they have a right to be independent. Parents seem to be enemies who don’t let them stay out late, wear the clothes they want to wear, or be close to friend they like. What makes things even worse, teenagers have a sense of impotence and rage as they realize that financially they still depend on their parents and they wouldn’t have a nice party or a holiday without their help and support.

The period of adolescence is inseparably connected with making important life decisions, such as choosing a career path. That it precisely where the trouble is. Young people are told that they have the world at their feed and dazzling opportunities only to be seized. However, when they finally decide that they want to work in a travel agency instead of studying medicine or law for example, their partents tear out their hair and seem to be heartbroken.

Difficulties in the relationships with parents may lead to such serious problems as the use of alcohol or drugs, the refusal to attend school, running away from home or even turning to crime. In such cases screaming and yelling doesn’t work. It seems that the best way to put matters straight is a serious discussion, treating young people as equal partners and accepting their ideals. If they are neglected in the most turbulent time in their lives, their parents may lose them altogether.

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