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List motywacyjny po angielsku

Przykładowy list motywacyjny, pisany na lekcji języka angielskiego.

Halina Kowalska
Ul. Kwiatowa 9 20-150 Warszawa
Tel. 716 13 35
e-mail: HalinaKowalska@o2.pl

Primary School number 1
Penrose St. 13
The United Kingdom

C O V E R I N G    L E T T E R

Dear Sir or Madam

When I was England on June I saw, that You to look for teacher little kids and I am very interested your notice job. I would like to present my candidacy for the post of english teacher in your School. I am in the first year of teaching, with early in Białystok. I like kids very much, and I can very easy to get in touch with children. I coped very well with children.  I am ingenious unhindered. I can make it work in a team. I would like to develop in this field and become a much better specialist. This position would be a very important step in my professional career and would give me new development possibilities. I think that you will be satisfied with my work.    

I am ambitious, conscientious, timely, well-organized. My experience with children can be well used by you. If I to employ not regret his decision.

If my bid proves to be interesting for you, I am determined to arrive for an interview within the prescribed time limit by the Lord.

Halina Kowalska

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