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Generation gap

The problem of the generations gap ia as old as the hills and it appears in every family. Very often it is connected with the failure or inability of the younger and older generations to communicate or understand each other. There are a few reasons of generation gap.

Drawieński Park Narodowy

The area of Drawa National Park and its neighbourhood lies in the a plain called Równina Drawska, which is a fragment of the lake district Pojezierze Południowopomorskie, in the north-western part of Poland. It encompasses for the central part of a forest complex called Drawa Wilderness (Puszcza Drawska).

Advantages and disadvantages of being married.

In our society marriage is the structure which people use to create a stable family unit. Due to the fact that marriage is so strongly tied to family, because it is such an enormous step and because the cost of entry and exit is so high, adults put a lot of emphasis on it. So does the community. Marriage itself is easy. Two people can get married any time they wish. However the challenge of marriage is making it work for a lifetime. So I shall briefly discuss some virtues and drawbacks considering this issue.